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Many authors and illustrators produce PowerPoint presentations that they use when speaking to audiences. The files can be stored on CDs, perhaps hard-copies printed, and the results sold as merchandise or distributed as publicity. If these form the limits to the uses you make of PowerPoints, you are under-utilising their potential.

YouTube videos generally have to be less than 8 minutes to have a small enough file size to meet the hosting requirements. This can be limiting. will convert your short PowerPoints to video suitable for YouTube, but it will also host copies of these and longer works that will play for up to 45 minutes. This could be of huge benefit. Using this service PowerPoints of any size can then be shared via the web through URL provision or screen display on sites, or sold as downloadable files; uploaded to iPhones and iPods and distributed as narration podcasts; embedded into blogs and Facebook. They can also be shared live in a ‘virtual conference’ using a VoIP provider like Skype while having all attendees looking at the same page at the same time.

The conversion of 5 minute presentations to video is free, but a $2US charge is incurred for longer products and when it is preferred that the result is free of Authorstream advertising. For those who get really carried away, a monthly fee will provide details of those who download copies (so that you can contact and sell them things), allow you to make money from Google AdSense adverts and take advantage of stored statistics – as well as post a larger quantity of presentations.

Even before writing a book, and certainly before a contract is offered, a following of loyal ‘readers’ can be built by the provision of PowerPoints/videos displaying background pictures, snippets of information gleaned while researching, useful techniques, animal facts, etcc.

As ‘book promotion videos’ are usually less than 5 minutes and PowerPoint relatively easily enables images, type and sound to be manipulated with fades, zooms, creative transitions and movement, the program and Authorstream work well together for their production and distribution.

...And no, I’m not an affiliate and have no financial interest in recommending Authorstream!

Have fun creating!

Peter Taylor

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