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So here is the blog I posted on MySpace late last night. I'm reposting here, as I did with the Christmas blog, to share the kind of communication I do with my readers there. It's hugely important to stay connected with readers, and this is one way I do that.


So, like . . . holy crap! Another year dissolves into the ether, and what an amazing year, on so many levels. There's all the awful stuff.... mostly driven by an economy, manipulated in all the wrong directions at once. Housing. Jobs. Retirement. Banking. Corporations gone all to hell. But here's the deal. Things are going to get better. They always do. You can't keep tumbling into the abyss without hitting bottom eventually. Then there's only one way to go. Up.

There was the incredible election. Things worked out how I wanted them to, and I'm not going to go back there, except to say, "Wow. " We made history, and the only downside of that for me is that it took so long. Race has pulled even. Eight years from now, we're going for gender, and even that made great strides. We're way past due for erasing stereotypes. Gay pres? Why not?? (In case some of you missed my political blogs, feel free to go back and check 'em out. But I just want to add here that I am a white, straight, Christian woman who values personal freedoms and truly believes God made every single human being equal and perfect in His eyes.)

So for me? Wonderful year, filled with travel. I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to meet hundreds and hundreds of readers. Teachers. Librarians. Awesome people, from coast to coast. Oh yes, and all the way to Australia, where my family and I met people from Taiwan. Japan. England. Ireland. Scotland. Germany. And, of course, those wonderful Ozzies. The takeaway? We are not so different from each other, no matter where we live.

And that brings me to the heart of this blog. I hate resolutions that start with, "In the new year, I will . . ." and end with stuff like, "lose weight," "exercise more," "drink less" .... etc. Why do our resolutions always revolve around ourselves? (Not to mention setting ourselves up for failure.) A friend of mine recently said her resolution for this year is to "always do my best." That's good. But here's another suggestion. What if our 2009 resolutions have to do with OTHER people?

"I'll be nicer to ... " "I'll try to understand..." "I'll show courtesy to ..." or best of all, "I'll try to help ..." Seems to me if we focus more on others, and less on ourselves, our own problems might feel less important. Not only that, but my bet is, resolutions involving others are less doomed to failure. So my own resolution for the year is to always do my best for others.

And my wish for every one of you: a new year filled with love, joy and dreams, fulfilled.

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