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Thought you might be interested in the kind of blogs I do on MySpace for special days like Thanksgiving. Posted at 7 a.m. Thanksgiving day, before I baked a single pie!

Giving thanks for YOU!

Another Thanksgiving! It's early here, just past 6 a.m. and the house sleeps soundly. I'm up, thinking about all I have to do in preparation. We have family up from Los Angeles, and dinner will be around three. The gathering was supposed to be larger, but things happen, as you know. One brother and his family couldn't make it because of snow in the Sierra. My niece was supposed to come, but a family misunderstanding prevented that. A dear friend was going to bring her 94-year-old father, but he suffered a stroke two days ago. One that he won't recover from.

Rather than feel saddened, I feel doubly thankful. Thankful that our brother has a steady job this year, and says snow won't stop him coming for Christmas. Thankful that the misunderstanding has made me want to focus on healing family rifts. Thankful that while Paul may be Going Home, I was allowed to know him, and that he enjoyed so many wonderful years on earth.

For many, this Thanksgiving will feel like a tentative celebration at best. Some have lost their jobs. Some have lost their homes. Some have lost someone they love. My prayer for them is for warmth and shelter and safety and comfort, and most of all, hope.

I have much to be thankful for this year. Distant family, gathered here. The beauty of snow, finally frosting the mountaintops, and the scent of rain-scrubbed sage outside my door. A husband of 25 years, still my best friend. Healthy children. Well-loved grandchildren. Trusted friends, and that number is growing.

And right up there on that list is YOU, my excellent readers. Thank you for accepting the gift of my words. Thank you for taking a chance on my books. Thank you for coming back to them, and for sharing them with your friends. Each of you is in my heart today, and so will share my Thanksgiving table.

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Comment by Heather W. Petty on November 28, 2008 at 9:25am
That was beautiful. I'm glad you had a holiday full of love.
Comment by Tracy Clark on November 28, 2008 at 12:38pm
Around our table last night, we were also talking about the gratitude we felt for the simple things that we've sometimes taken for granted: Family gathered together, all healthy and doing well, a bounty of food on the table, homes to keep us warm and safe, and HOPE despite the uncertainties of the world right now. Thanksgiving is always a time for gratitude, but for some reason, I think we all really felt the sentiment in our hearts this year.


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