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Wow. Another year dissolves as we happily anticipate the upcoming week. I'd like to say here how much I value each of you. Your friendship. Your communion. Your talent. Your drive to realize your dreams. We share an important goal. Touching the lives of children and teens through our words. How important that is, and how important the need for people who strive to do that, through tough economic times and at a time when some opine that books will become obsolete.

To that, I give a resounding PSHAW! I have a real relationship with today's children. (Plus, I still have a 12-year-old at home.) My son is reader. We often have to physically turn out his light at night so he'll quit reading. He knows the joy of words, given as gifts. I see kids wandering bookstore aisles, touching books. Reading them in the stores if they can't afford to buy them. I hear from my own readers, who have asked for my books for Christmas. (I've even heard from parents, amazed at that.) For those kids who think they don't like reading, it often takes ONE book to turn that around. I'm blessed to have written books that trigger a love of reading. And YOU CAN, TOO.

Don't give up on the dream. Reach into your heart and find the words that will trigger a love of books in a child. Yes, the format of books might change. One day, they may all be distributed electronically. So? It's not the printed page that counts. It's the words printed on the page. I'm raising a glass to all of you. You totally rock!

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