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Hi Suzy, Ellen, and everyone else!

I was just tinkering with a Ning site for New England SCBWI and thought I'd do a search to see if anyone else had beaten us to it, and it looks like that would be you guys! I'm very interested in finding out how your experience has been with this type of site, to know what we should and shouldn't do. For example, the Google ads in the right column are worrisome, but is there any effective way for us to distance ourselves from them? And what is the best way for us to roll a social networking site out to our members?

Looking forward to the great social networking experiment here and there as well.

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Comment by Suzanne Morgan Williams on November 22, 2008 at 8:31pm
Hi Greg - we just started this site in early November and we have a LOT of people joined up from our group. We've already got some online critiquing happening too. I posted a blog about the Google adds and when we put this on the website we are going to post a disclaimer too - and tell people to e-mail either Ellen or me for the invite. We invited out whole list - members and "friends" - and I think I just sent the invite in an e-mail with a URL to find the site and register. Ellen is checking in every day - or at least that's the plan - and I'm going to drop in when I can. I think we will look for an "overseeer" if not a moderator, once we get established. This will work well for us I think, because we have members in two really distant areas - Reno and Vegas - which are seven hours apart if you drive and we have a lot of folks from California and other states who are part of our community too.
Comment by Greg R. Fishbone on November 22, 2008 at 8:54pm
It looks like it might be a good thing for New England as well, except for those ads. It looks like you can pay to have them removed, but it's expensive.
Comment by Ellen Hopkins on November 24, 2008 at 8:14am
I think people are used to ads on social networking sites. They have them on MySpace and Facebook. Disclaimers are a must, of course, but maybe we can expect our people to be savvy enough to understand that we don't endorse them. So far, so good for this. I'm not sure we need a "moderator," though, Suzy. I mean I've sort of taken on that role by starting the site I guess. But I think if we drop in every day or two, things should be fine. The discussion groups that have started here seem to be doing fine on their own.


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