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Our First Postcard Project went well and it was fun to see the works evolve on the Yuku site. Unfortunately, the uploads weren't user friendly . . . at all. In an attempt to find a venue to meet our needs, we explored some otpions and found Ning to be more accomodating. As luck would have it, Ellen Hopkins had already set up a Ning site for our region.


The Yuku site will still remain operative as we can not delete it. However, for the new assignments, we would like to share our critiques and process here.


We ask that you review our policy for input and critique through this link:


We will be posting the goals and deadlines for projects shortly and we encourage you to share any children's book works in progress should you desire to do so.


Welcome. We look forward to sharing input and giving one another a hand up.



~ Cindy Kremsner

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Thank you for the invitation and as I work on my Red Riding Hood deadline, I'm excited to hopefully meet the Nevada Group in October. And looking forward to future Illustrator Projects.
Your Red Riding Hood works are turning out beautifully Donna. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully a few more people at the conference. I'll also look into the Northern Nevada Picture Book Critique groups to see if some of our illustrators can share the time slot with them to get in person meeting going.

Hope all is well,
Thanks so much for finding another way for us to share our work. Unfortunately I was one of those who could not get the Yuku site to work for me so this is exciting.

PS ... I'll be at the Virginia City conference in October and look forward to seeing you again.

Yuku was/is sort of painful to navigate. ;-) I was fortunate to participate on another Ning site for artists and it works so well for the images and posting, I couldn't believe the difference. I'm grateful that Ellen had this going and welcomed us into the site to get our projects going.

It will be great to see you again . . . I remember meeting you and Sharon in Carson City many moons ago. In fact, I still have your business card from back then.

We'll get this rolling soon and hope it will be fun and helpful . . .


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